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Incorporating site-specific analytical data and machine learning to predict environmental site conditions.

Daybreak adds five additional states' site remediation data to EnviMetric

Bayesian updating for sensor fusion
Jason Dalton

Sensors provide evidence, not facts. How do we update our understanding of the world when presented with new evidence. Bayesian statistics!

EnviMetric's New Feature - Flow Path Following Plumes
Anna Harrington

How we're using digital elevation models to make our groundwater plume models more representative of non-linear flow path conditions.

Comparing Machine Learning and Fate and Transport Models
Anna Harrington

Tackling some of the most common questions we get about our ML approach in relation to traditional fate and transport modeling applications

Amanda West joins the Daybreak team
Jason Dalton

Amanda is a data scientist with experience in visualization, economics, and deep learning.

How data science provides a new view into PFAS contaminated sites
Anna Harrington

Daybreak adds hundreds of PFAS sites' data to the EnviMetric database.

Daybreak announces new Advisory Board
Jason Dalton

Top leaders from geospatial, environmental, and public safety to serve as advisory board for Daybreak.

Daybreak schedules early launch for MiniCarta app to support COVID response
Jason Dalton

Public Health officials and first responders are primary users.

COVID-19 and the Environmental Remediation Industry.
Jason Dalton

How does the environmental remediation industry feel that COVID-19 has affected things - survey results

EnviMetric Data Insights from Over 85,000 Remediation Sites Across the United States
Daybreak Team

Growing our unique specialty in environmental data science.

Daybreak welcomes Ryan Velazquez to our data science team
Jason Dalton

Growing our unique specialty in environmental data science.

US Forest Service road identifiers now in TotalTopo
Robert Sellers

Important topo map update - US Forest Service roads.

Massive building footprints data for TotalTopo
Jason Dalton

FIND software integrates Bing buildings into topo maps for SAR.

Welcome to the team, Robert Sellers!
Jason Dalton

Daybreak adds new data science talent to our team

NSF invests in Daybreak to bring AI and data analytics to environmental cleanup
Jason Dalton

We're applying machine learning and big data analytics to create useful models for the size, shape, and concentration of underground contaminants in the soil and groundwater.

SmartData Solutions now incorporates site geology data

Showing specific lithographic horizons using soil boring logs

FIND software tested at NPS SAR Exercise
Jason Dalton

Building a field deployable system for search and rescue incident management

Maps of alternative fuel stations in the US
Jason Dalton

Data provided by the new HIFLD Open data set

A geo-game for the Virginia GIS Conference
Jason Dalton

Accept the challenge!

Introducing SARCAT
Jason Dalton

The open-source Search and Rescue data management system

Daybreak welcomes Anna Milligan to our team!
Jason Dalton

Adding great talent

Designing a topo map for search and rescue
Jason Dalton

Using open map data to help save lives outdoors