18th of July, 2021

Amanda West joins the Daybreak team

Amanda West joins the Daybreak team
Jason Dalton
Jason Dalton CTO

We’re excited to welcome Amanda West to the Daybreak team! Amanda is a data scientist working out of Boulder, Colorado and will be focusing on our public health and safety projects detecting fraud in medical device imports and registrations.

In addition to data science, Amanda brings a background in international affairs, technical writing, and programming. She earned her bachelor’s with high honors from the University of Michigan and her master’s in data science from the University of Virginia. Previously, Amanda worked as a data visualization consultant for the Clark Data Labs. As a graduate student, Amanda volunteered for nonprofit organizations that worked to improve the environment, education, and criminal justice sectors in Virginia using big data analytics, data visualization, and deep learning. We were immediately impressed with not just Amanda’s technical ability, but her pride in her work and the joy she gets from solving hard problems. She’s a great fit for our team.