15th of September, 2016

SmartData Solutions now incorporates site geology data

SmartData Solutions now incorporates site geology data

We’ve recently added the capability to use soil boring logs in SmartData Solutions. Of all the ideas that our customers float our way, this is the one that people have you’ve been asking for the most, and is the most useful when planning field work.

Core samples provide sedimentary composition information for remediation sites and can be useful when planning a site’s sampling program.


The presence of geologic core information in SmartData Solutions streamlines the site characterization process for both engineers and regulators. Users are able to compare contaminant concentrations, hydraulic conductivity values, and geology of the site easily in one interface.


Users are also able to view MIHPT log values overlaid on geologic core information. Notice how contaminants will pool and concentrate at the interface between course and fine sediment layers.


For more information about how to add geologic boring data to your project on SmartData Solutions see our Knowledge Base article on Adding geology data