5th of November, 2017

Welcome to the team, Robert Sellers!

Welcome to the team, Robert Sellers!
Jason Dalton
Jason Dalton CTO

We’re excited to welcome Robert Sellers to our team! Robert is a data scientist based in NYC and will be focusing on our navigation and routing products as well as analyzing data for our NSF SBIR program called EnviMetric.

Before Daybreak, Robert worked as a geographer and programmer in the financial services and environmental remediation industries. We learned from Valve to hire ‘t-shaped’ people, meaning people who have a wide array of relevant knowledge with a particular area of expertise that they go deep in. We were all impressed with Robert’s combination of GIS, data science, environmental remediation, and programming. That’s us right down the line!

Robert holds a BA in Urban Planning from Condordia U. in Montreal, with Advanced degrees from BCIT and CUNY in GIS and Data Science.

Glad to have you at Daybreak, Robert!