Our Capabilities

Our expertise combined with our proven methods for investigating and solving complex problems is why we have succeeded in improving the lives and work of our customers. We strive for daily improvement in ourselves and our work. It is this culture of curiosity and improvement that makes us who we are.

Geospatial Analytics

The power of GIS combined with machine learning and analytics techniques leads to incredibly useful and understandable results that give insight into where to place your most valuable assets.
Location Services
Remore Sensing

Full Stack Data Science

We use the best practice CRISP-DM method for investigating hard problems and solving them with data. Our mastery of R and Python means we can dig in and tackle data analytics and data engineering problems quickly with very little barrier to entry.

Analytical Software Development

To ensure consisent results and ongoing ease of use for our end users, we create analytic software and app development. Developing software solutions enable organizations to gather, process, analyze, and visualize data in order to extract insights, make informed decisions, and gain a competitive advantage

About Us

Daybreak’s sole mission is to support the federal agencies that are safeguarding our nation’s security, safety and health, by bringing dedicated, highly experienced experts in data analytics, artificial intelligence and other advanced information technology, and intelligence analysis. Our team brings experience in national security federal agencies and their operating environments together with leading-edge technologies and techniques. We attract the best employees, create the best place for them to work, empower and engage them to succeed, and share their passion for the customer’s mission.
Daybreak is a fast moving team of data analytics and computer science experts on a mission to bring specialty data analysis applications to environmental, public safety, and national security challenges. Our products are used by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and emergency first responders to make better decisions faster.
The tools of our trade are typically statistical learning methods, geospatial data modeling and GIS, and interactive data visualization on the web leveraging open source software throughout our process.

About Us

See your world more clearly

You will make better decisions with the insight that comes from in-depth analysis of the systems and data that surround your operations. Daybreak analysts and developers are experts at solving mission critical needs using innovation, data analytics, and geospatial technologies.

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