Meet our dedicated team.

Jason Dalton

CoFounder, CTO

Jason Dalton is our Founder and CEO. Jason leads the product and company strategy and oversees all functions of the business. He excels at finding innovative solutions to hard problems using a mix of technology, data, processes, and systems to achieve the best results possible for our customers. Prior to cofounding Daybreak Jason held senior leadership roles at SPADAC Inc, including leading the Engineering and R&D business unit.

Anna Harrington

Environmental Program Manager

Anna Harrington is our Environmental Program Manager, and oversees customer experience and sales for our environmental products and services, and is responsible for the management of the GroundTruth team. Anna has a Masters in Environmental Science from the University of Oklahoma.

Amanda West

Data Scientist

Amanda West is a data scientist, and uses Python and R to discover new insights from data across multiple products and project areas.

Kyle Kalwarski

Full Stack Application Developer

Kyle Kalwarski is a full stack application developer with expertise in NoSQL data, mobile, cloud, and desktop appication development, and web based mapping and spatial analysis applications.

Ryan Velazquez

Geospatial Data Scientist

Ryan Velazquez is a geospatial data scientist, and oversees development and data analysis for our analytics services contracts as well as products across our public safety, national security, and environmental business areas.